Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi


Gabriella Possum Nungurrayi

Born:          1967 Mt Allan
Region:        Papunya, West of Alice Springs NT
Community:     Papunya
Language:      Anmatyerre
Tribe:         Warlpiri

Subjects:      Milky Way or Seven Sisters Dreaming. Bush Coconut, Black Seed (for making damper), 
               Exploding Seed Pod and Women's stories from the Mt Allan area.
1993 Alice Springs Art Prize Record Cover for 'Coloured Stone'.

1991, Professional Development Grant, from the Aboriginal Arts
      Unit of the Australia Council for the Arts.

National Gallery of Australia (Canberra), 
Museum Art Gallery of the Northern Territory
Flinders University Art museum Adelaide
Holmes A Court Collection, 
Kelton Foundation Collection, USA
Winterthur Collection, Switzerland and many others.

1992 Washington DC, USA
1993 London
1993 Berne, Switzerland
2000 New York, United Nations Building.
And has featured in many other group exhibitions 
both in Australia and overseas.

Araluen Arts Centre, n.d., Nganampa jukurrpa (Our Dreaming), 
an exhibition of paintings by the women of Jukurrpa, Araluen 
Arts Centre, Alice Springs. 
Johnson, V., 1994, The Dictionary of Western Desert Artists, 
Craftsman House, East Roseville, New South Wales. (C)


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