Mark Nodea

Mark Nodea

Born:          1968 
State:         WA 
Region:        Kimberley 
Community:     Balgo Hills 
Outstation:    Sturt Creek 
Language:      Dyaru
Painting, ochres on canvas, ochres and gum resin fixative on canvas. 

Minimalist 'aerial' / map view, large rounded blocks of colour. 
Lake Argyle/Ord river area stories, Argyle Diamond Mine country, 
Bulunyin country, Barungi country. Turkey Creek School. 
Laverty Collection, Sydney
Ross Jones Collection, Sydney
Art Gallery of Queensland
Kimberley Interpreting Centre, Designer of Image for Medical Poster
Royal Australian Mint, Canberra, Designer of 10th Commemorative Silver Dollar
Alison Kelly Gallery, Melbourne, VIC
Group Show, Framed Gallery, Darwin, NT
East Kimberley Show, Short Street Gallery, Broome
Coomalie Culture Centre, Batchelor, NT
All That Gija Country, Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide, SA
Thornquest Gallery, Gold Coast, QLD
New Works From Warmun Community, Framed Gallery, Darwin, NT
In Celebration - The Peter Bailiee Aquisitive Exhibition, 
Flinders University Art Museum 
Notes: Mark was born in Derby in 1968. He currently resides in Kununurra and is former Chairperson of the Warmun Art Centre. Mark is well educated and a wonderful ambassador for his Community and the traditional ochre art of the area. He has been taught the stories of his land by his mother, artist Nancy Nodea, and paints her country, Texas Downs, and his father's country around Cherabun Station. Mark's father is Hanson Boxer, a Walmajarrie man, and this enables Mark to extend his content to embrace both Kitja land and his father's country around Yakanarra (an excision of Go Go Station via Fitzroy Crossing) and Cherabun Station. His minimal and sometimes flamboyant style gives him scope for large works. Mark's design won the 2002 Royal Australian Mint International Award for Pure Silver Collector Coin. The Royal Australian Mint has only released ten such coins since 1983. He has participated in Group Exhibitions and his first Solo in September 2003 at the prestigious Alison Kelly Gallery in Melbourne was a sell out success.

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