Alexander Nganjmirra

Australian Aboriginal Artist

Alexander Nganjmirra

Other Spellings:   Ngainmira, Nganjmira
Born: 			22/5/1961
Died: 			June 2006
Region: 			West Arnhemland
Community:      	Gunbalanya [Oenpelli]
Country: 			Marwon
Language Bloc: 	       Bininj kunwok
Language: 		Kunwinjku
Local Group (clan): 	Djalama     
Social Affiliations: 	Yirritja moiety,
		        Nakamarrang subsection
Medium:	Bark painting, ochres on arches paper

Australian Museum, Sydney.
Flinders Art Museum, Adelaide, SA
Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, Darwin.
The John W. Kluge Collection, Virginia, USA

1995, The Twelfth National Aboriginal Art Award, Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, Darwin

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Alex is the son of the late famous bark painter, Bobby Nganjmirra, whose works hang in national art galleries and have been illustrated in authentic art books.

Bobby taught his three sons to paint on bark and on rock when the family lived at an isolated bush camp high up in the Stone Country between Oenpelli and Maningrida. In accordance with traditional law, however, he would not begin to pass on any details regarding the sacred meaning attached to each design until the sons had gone through several age grading ceremonies, when they were deemed to be worthy enough to learn the meaning behind the paintings. They were usually allowed to start painting the tribal stories at about the age of 25.

Because of the distance from Oenpelli the boys had little western education when young but were well trained in bush craft and ceremonial obligations. They later gained an education at Oenpelli and Kormilda College in Darwin.

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