Traditional Stories

Here you will find some of the many traditional aboriginal stories associated with the traditional art. These stories in some case may not be feel nice happy stories. More often than not they reflect the brutal reality associated with survival and the myths associated with the cultural belifes about th origins of natural phenomena and aspects of human behaviour.

  • Ubar Ceremony
  • Wagilag Sisters Of The Dreamtime
  • Wak The Crow Man
  • The Dupun Ceremony
  • Sacred Wurrkadi Myth
  • Spear Straightening Ceremony
  • Sacred Dilly Bag
  • Old Dingo Man
  • Ngalyod, the Rainbow Serpent
  • Nimbauwah Rock
  • Mosquito Dreaming
  • Namarrkon : The Lightning Spirit
  • Milky Way Dreaming
  • Bew-Bew the Giant of the Dreamtime