Barney Tjakamarra Campbell


Barney Tjakamarra Campbell

Born:   		c1928
Died:        	Dec. 2006
State: 		NT  
Community: 	Mt Liebig 
Outstation: 	Wingkilina 
Region: 		Walungurru (Kintore) Western Desert 
Language: 	Pitjantjatjara 
Language group: 	Pintupi/Ngaanyatjara 
Social Affiliation: 	Tjakamarra subsection 

Medium: 	Acrylic paint on canvas 
Subjects: 	Tingari, two women, fire, water.

Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery Alice Springs; 
Jinta Desert Art Gallery, Sydney; 
Aboriginal Galleries of Australia, Melbourne; 
Aboriginal Desert Art Gallery, Alice Springs; 
Victorian Art Centre Melbourne; 
Anthropology Art Museum Perth; 
Art Gallery of Western Australia Perth; 
National Gallery of Victoria Melbourne; 
National Gallery of Australia Canberra;  
Art Gallery of South Australia Adelaide; 
Artbank Sydney; 
Holmes a' Court Collection Perth; 
corporate and private collectors throughout the world.

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Barney Campbell Tjakamarra is a well respected Papunya Tula Artist and Pintupi Law-Man, 
who often worked side by side with Willy Tjungurrayi at Kintore. Like Willy Tjungurrayi, 
this artist is a serious painter, who faithfully portrays his `dreamings` in a meticulous 
manner and a `classical` Pintupi style of work. 

Born in the area of Karrkurritinytja (Lake Macdonald). Barney Campbell, a senior Lawman, 
paints Tingari Cycle stories from around Lake Macdonald. In his paintings, the Dreaming 
stories are usually depicted in a dramatic juxtaposition of black, red and white colours. 

Exhibitions include this artist`s participation in a collaborative painting, which was 
featured in the `Papunya Tula: Genesis and Genius` exhibition at the Art Gallery of 
NSW, Sydney, 2000.