Jimmy Moduk

Australian Aboriginal Artist

One of Arnhemland's true gentlemen

Jimmy Moduk

Other Spellings: 
Muduk, Jimi, Dalthangu

Dob:		1942
Language:	Marrangu
Outstation 	Walkumbimirri
Region:         Ramingining,  Central Arnhem Land
Social Affiliations:	
Dhuwa Moiety, Balang Subsection

Medium/ Form:
Bark painting, ochres on bark, carved and painted hollow log coffin, didjeridu. Dupun, carving

1993, Honorable Mention for Ramingining Artists, Australian Heritage Commission Art Award Exhibition, Old Parliament House Canberra [artist not named individually]

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I don't remember where I was born but my mother and father told me that I was born here at Murrwangi. My family was living on the mainland in the bush. Sometimes we would go to the mission at Milingimbi for shopping and to sell art and craft or crocodile skins. My father Djuwarlarra ( 1 ) who died at Milingimbi.

He went to school when I was little. We lived at Ngarrawundhu near the present-day hospital. I had my dapi here at Milingimbi. Me and Johnny Batarrk little brother (Weyli - dec.) here. M/s Lowe taught me and Mr. Fidock, and yolngu - Charlie Mayntjarri. Don was in my class and Michael Gadjawali. My uncle Jimmy L,jamunba took me to Mainarou to work as a stockman - really at Mountain Valley. I worked with Rembarrnga people you know that August (?) from Malyanganak well his father was working cooking. One day I got hurt off a horse and went to Darwin to hospital. I got a job at Qantas then the airport in Darwin. Me and Wally (Lipuwanga) and Brian (Nyinawanga) and Jacky (Guningu tribe). We bin working there, a lot of people Milingimbi, Maningrida.

Some worked at the Air Force getting training, some at Qantas. I was living near the airport, near Bagot. When I finished at Darwin I went back and worked at Maningrida - the same as a stockman with a balanda called Danny Watson - Johnny Mayarra (dec.) and Johnny Bulun Bulun and Ray Munyal. First time we brought the cattle to Maningrida from Beswick and then took them back. They were kept near the airport and buffalo too. I started painting then at Maningrida. When I bin finish work then I bin started painting there. Jacky Mirrtji taught me to paint. We started to paint me and Don Gundinga, keep trying, painting, painting, painting.

Back in the Ramingining area I worked at Murrwangi until it closed. Malcolm Armstrong, Alan Baker, Neville Hoadly. I give up cattle work when Malcolm left and I kept painting. My first Gunapipi after hospital and then Qantas I went to Gunapipi in the bush at Ten Mile and we finished at Pine Creek. There were yolngu from here my families, Don and Dick, Ronnie and old man from Gamedi (Jacky) and old man Charlie Marapiny. All from Darwin and from here from Oenpelli and from here. Gakawarr was from Oenpelli. A long way by foot walk.