Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Australian Aboriginal Artist

Lilly Kelly Napangardi

Born:                1948 
State:                NT 
Region:              Western Desert 
Community:          Mt Liebig, Papunya 
Outstation:          around Haasts Bluff 
Language:          Warlpiri / Luritja
Social Affiliation:  Napangati subsection 

Medium:          Acrylic paint on canvas 
Subjects:          Women's Ceremony, bush tucker 
1986 Winner of the Northern Territory Art Awards
2003 Finalist, National Aboriginal Art Awards, Northern Territory Museum of Arts and Sciences, Darwin.

The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, U.S.A.
Araluen Arts Centre, Alice Springs
Holmes A Court Collection
Queensland Art Gallery
National Gallery of Queensland Brisbane
The Kerry Stokes Collection, Australia;
National Gallery of Australia Canberra;
Art Gallery of New South Wales - Sydney;
Art Gallery of South Australia - Adelaide;
National Gallery of Victoria - Melbourne;
Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory Darwin;
Art bank Sydney;
Thomas Vroom Collection, Amsterdam;
James Erskine Collection;
Mollie Gowing Acquisition Fund for Contemporary Aboriginal Art 2003;
corporate and private collections around the world.

1999 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs
2000 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide
2001 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs;
2002 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs.
2002 Telstra National Aboriginal & Torres Strait Art Award NT Museum of Arts and Sciences,
2003 20th Telstra National Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum and Art Gallery of the NT, Darwin.
2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art showing at Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
2003 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide;
2003 Telstra Awards; 2003 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art Span Galleries, Melbourne;
2003 Desert Mob Show, Alice Springs;
2004 Neil Murphy Indigenous Art showing at Span Galleries, Melbourne,
2004 Mary Place Gallery, Sydney
2004 Graham Marshall Gallery, Adelaide.
2005 - New Acquisitions: Indigenous Australian Art, Queensland Art Gallery, Brisbane.
2006-2007 - Gifted: Contemporary Aboriginal Art: The Mollie Gowing Acquisition Fund, Art Gallery of NSW, Sydney.
2006 - The second Shalom Gamarada Aboriginal Art Exhibition, Shalom College, University of New South Wales, Sydney.
2010 - Parcours des Mondes, Arts d'Australie Stephane Jacob, Paris, France.
2011 - Art Elysees, Arts d'Australie, Stephane Jacob, Paris, France.
2011 - Galerie AROA & Arts d'Australie, Stephane Jacob, Neuilly sur Seine, France.
2012 - Parcours des Mondes, Arts d'Australie Stephane Jacob, Paris, France.
2013 - Arts d'Australie, Galerie 49 / Arts d'Australie Stephane Jacob, Saumur, France.

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Lilly Kelly Napangarti was born at Haasts Bluff in the Northern Territory in 1948. In the 1960s Lily and her husband, artist Norman Kelly, moved to the newly established settlement of Papunya. Lilly returned to Mt Liebig with her husband in the early 1980s. Lilly is one of the most senior Law Women of the community, teaching the younger women traditional law including dancing and singing.

Lilly won the prestigious Northern Territory Art Award for Excellence in Aboriginal Painting in 1986.

In her most recent works Lilly paints sandhills, wind and 'after rain' in her country near Mt. Liebig and the Haasts Bluff area, in addition to depicting sandhills of the Kintore and Connistan areas. Lilly holds authority over the Women Dreaming story associated with Kunajarrayi.