Nancy Ross Nungurrayi

Australian Aboriginal Artist

Nancy Ross Nungurrayi

Born:			1935 
Died:			2009	
Region:			Western Desert WA,NT
Community:		Kintore 
Outstation:		Kiwirrkura, Lake Mackay, 
Language:		Pintupi 
Social Affiliation:	Nungurrayi subsection 
Subjects:		Tingari, Women Ceremonies

2001 - Telstra Art Awards Finalist
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne
Art Gallery of N.S.W, Sydney
Papunya Tula Artists
Individual Exhibitions:
2007 - Nancy Nungurrayi, Suzanne O'Connell Gallery, Brisbane.
Group Exhibitions:
2011 - Papuya Tula Women's Art, at the Maitland Regional Art Gallery, NSW.
2010 - Tradition and Innovation ? Papunya Tula 2010, @ Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne.
2007 - Papunya Tula Women, Suzanne O'Connell Gallery, Brisbane; Pintupi- Mixed Exhibition, Papunya Tula Artists, Alice Springs; Survey: Group show of emerging artists, Raft Artspace, Darwin; Papunya Tula, Short Street Gallery, Broome, WA.
2006 - Paintings By Papunya Tula Artists, Suzanne O'Connell Gallery, Brisbane; A Particular Collection, Utopia Art Sydney, Sydney; Pintupi Art 2006, Tony Bond Aboriginal Art
Dealer, Adelaide. 2005 - Decouvrir, Rever, Investir, Australian Embassy, Paris, France; Pintupi Artists, Papunya Tula Artists, Alice Springs; Aboriginal Art 2005, Scott Livesey Art Dealer, Melbourne.
2004 - Peintres Pintupi, Galerie DAD, Mantes-la-Jolie, France; Aboriginal Art
2004 - Scott Livesey Art Dealer, Melbourne.
2003 - Recent Paintings By The Women Artists Of Kintore and Kiwirrkura, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne.
2001 - 2002 Land of Diversity, The Northern Territory, at Hogarth Galleries, Paddington.

Nancy is the sister of George Tjungurrayi and Naata Nungurrayi, both highly sought after rtists. It was in 1994 that saw the emergence of the Pintupi 'painting women' in a "women's painting camp behind the women's mountain at Kintore involving senior ceremonial women from the Kintore region and their kinswomen from the Ikuntji Women's Centre at Haast Bluff. They are famous for their bold expressive line works and then 'piling on' of paint in a dense and often vibrantly coloured profusion to create some of the most radiant and richly textured surfaces ever to be seen.

Nancy Nungurrayi from the Pintubi Language group from Kintore is one of the leading Kintore women artists & is in her 70's. A respected senior elder whose artwork is sought after by collectors worldwide. All her works are associated with women's concerns and Women's Law (Tingari cycle). She paints traditional designs depicting sacred women's sites and women performing sacred women's ceremonies in the Kintore area as well as the designs that they paint on their bodies when performing ceremonies.

Generally, the Tingari are a group of mythical characters of the Dreaming who travelled over vast stretches of the country, performing rituals and creating and shaping particular sites. The Tingari women usually followed the Tingari men and were accompanied by novices. It is the Tingari men and women's travels and adventures that are enshrined in a number of song cycles. It is only through initiation ceremony that Nancy has permission to paint the stories that she does. Nancy Nungurrayi is the mother of Marlene Nampitjinpa.

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