Patrick Tjungurrayi


Patrick Tjungurrayi 

Born:   		1943 
Region: 		Kimberley WA
Community: 	Balgo Hills 
Outstation: 	Kiwirrkura 
Language: 	Kukatja, Pintupi 
Skin:   		Tjungarrayi. 
Subjects: 		Nynmi Rockhole, Tingarri men's law, Warrira rockhole, Ngurti, Pundutjalpa. 

2008 - Winner of the Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards, at the Art Gallery of WA, Perth. 

Aboriginal Art Museum, The Netherlands. 
Artbank Collection 
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney. 
Griffith University Art Collection, Griffith, NSW. 
National Gallery of Victoria, Melbourne.

2014 - Warlayirti: The Art of Balgo, RMIT Gallery, Melbourne. 
2012 - Tjukurrpa Ngaatjanya Maru Kamu Tjulkura (Dreaming in Black and White), at the Red Dot Fine 	Art Gallery, Singapore. 
2011 - Celebrating 40 years of Papunya Tula Artists Invitation, at Utopia Art Sydney. 
2010 - Papunya Tula Artists Community, Utopia Art, Sydney. 
2010 - Papunya Tula Artists - Classics at Honey Ant Gallery Sydney. 
2010 - Tradition and Innovation - Papunya Tula 2010, at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne. 
2010 - PTA at Utopia Art Sydney. 
2009 - Community - the heart of Papunya Tula artists, at Utotpia Art Sydney. 
2008 - Paintings from remote communities: Indigenous Australian art from the Laverty collection, 	Newcastle Regional Gallery, Newcastle, NSW; 
	Melbourne Art Fair 2008, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi stand, Melbourne; 
	Desert Prophets - Papunya Tula Artists, at Mossenson Galleries, Subiaco, WA; 
	Balgo Family, at Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne; 
	Western Australian Indigenous Art Awards (2008), Art Gallery of Western Australia, Perth. 
2007 - Papunya Tula Artists 2007, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne. 
2006-2007 - Gifted: Contemporary Aboriginal Art: The Mollie Gowing Acquisition Fund, Art Gallery of 	New South Wales, Sydney. 
2005 - Papunya Tula Artists, Gallery Gabrielle Pizzi, Melbourne. 
2004 - 21st Telstra National Aborigainal and Torres Strait Islander Art Award, Museum and Art 	Gallery of the Northern Territory, Darwin. 
2003 - Papunya Tula artists - a gift from the desert, Utopia Art, Sydney. 
2000 - Papunya Tula Genesis and Genius, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Australia. 
1996 - Dreamings of the Desert, The Art Gallery of South Australia, Adelaide.

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Notes: 'If contemporary Aboriginal art has become renowned for its flickering, optical power, then Patrick Tjungurrayi would have to be described as a master of the form. His works pulse with desert warmth and where all too much Aboriginal art on the market appears to be a pastiche of traditional forms to capture a bewildered and naive market, Tjungurrayi's work is both unique in structure and indisputably heart-felt." Australian Art Collector Magazine 2005 Tjungurrayi is a leading Papunya Tula artist whose artworks are sought after by collectors worldwide. His inclusion in the 1996 Dreamings of the Desert and the 2000 Papunya Tula: Genesis and Genius exhibitions consolidated his status as one of the key figures of the Papunya movement'. Patrick Tjungurrayi article was written by Ashley Crawford for 'Australian Art Collector: 50 Most Collectable Edition 2005'