Willy Tjungurrayi

Australian Aboriginal Artist

Willy Tjungurrayi 

Born:                  1936 c
Region:                Western Desert
Community Centre:      Kintore, Papunya, Haasts Bluff
Country:               Patjantja, south west of Kintore
Language Bloc:         Western Desert
Language:              Pintupi
Social Affiliations:   Tjungurrayi subsection
Medium: Acrylic paint on canvas
Subjects: Tingari, Kuniya at Karrilwarra.
Artbank, Sydney.
Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
Flinders University Art Museum, Adelaide.
National Gallery of Australia, Canberra.
Parliament House Art Collection, Canberra.
The Holmes a Court Collection, Perth.
The Kelton Foundation, Santa Monica, U.S.A.

Group Exhibitions:
1982, Georges Gallery, Melbourne.
1982, Brisbane Festival, 1982, Mori Gallery, Sydney
1983, Papunya: paintings from the Central Australian Desert, touring exhibition, America and Europe.
1985, Dot and Circle, a retrospective survey of the Aboriginal acrylic paintings of Central Australia, Royal Melbourne Institute of Technology, Melbourne
1987, Art and Aboriginality, Aspex Gallery, Portsmouth, UK
1988, Australian Aboriginal Graphics from the Collection of the Flinders University Art Museum.
1989, Aboriginal Art: The Continuing Tradition, National Gallery of Australia, Canberra
1991, The Painted Dream: Contemporary Aboriginal Paintings from the Tim and Vivien Johnson Collection, Auckland Art Gallery and Te Whare Taonga o Aoteroa National Art Gallery, New Zealand 1994, Central Australian Aboriginal Art and Craft Exhibition, Araluen Centre, Alice Springs.
1994, Yiribana, Art Gallery of New South Wales, Sydney.
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Born at Patjantja, south-west of Lake Mackay, c.1936. Willy was raised by Charlie TARAWA, who was Willy's father's brother. Willy was raised 'in the bush'-'naked' with 'only nulla nulla and woomera'. It was Charlie's camels which eventually brought the family in to Haasts Bluffin the late '50s and from there to Papunya. Willy began painting for Papunya Tula Artists in 1976 during the '80s since emerged as one of the senior Pintupi painters. His country lies a short distance to the south west of Kintore, around Kulkuta, Tjukula, Warrabri, Malka, Yumari, Tjitikulpa and Patjanytja. In the early '80s he joined the move back to the Pintupi homelands and now lives with his family in Kintore.